As the first black-centric superhero movie, Black Panther is sure to be a memorable viewing experience for moviegoers. However, for some Atlanta viewers, the experience was memorable for a hilariously wrong reason: the theater accidentally played Fifty Shades Freed instead. Bruh. No, Mr. Grey will not see you now!

The screw-up happened on Thursday night at Atlanta’s Regal Atlantic Station. Apparently, theater staff corrected the mistake in about five minutes, but not before moviegoers uploaded the snafu to social media. Fortunately, it looks like the people at the theater took the unfortunate mix-up in stride. I mean, it is pretty hilarious when you think about it. I’m not sure films can technically have an opposite, but I don’t there are many films as divergent in tone, subject matter, and social relevance. There's also the fact that the whole Fifty Shades franchise is, you know...trash. (Ok, yes. Fine! I did watch one of the movies alone on Valentine's Day, but I hate-watched it.)

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