On Saturday, the New York Times published an interview with Uma Thurman where she accused Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault (an allegation he later denied) and claimed that director Quentin Tarantino forced the actress into a dangerous situation on the set of Kill Bill. Now, a list of celebrities has responded in her defense. 

Jessica Chastain stood by Thurman with a series of tweets, while Evan Rachel Wood joined the chorus by writing of her love and support. Asia Argento—who also accused Weinstein of sexual assault—expressed her hatred for Tarantino, saying, "Weinstein and Tarantino, what a pair! A serial rapist and a near murderer." When the allegations against Weinstein started in October 2017, Tarantino said he was "heartbroken."

Judd Apatow claimed that this is not the only time Tarantino has ignored the concerns of an actress. "Tarantino also ignored Daryl Hannah’s complaints when she was harassed by Harvey Weinstein. They kicked her off the press tour. Nobody helped her... This is why Weinstein wasn’t stopped. $$$$," he wrote. Check out the series of Twitter reactions below.

Thurman, who starred in Tarantino's Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill franchise, claimed that the director pressured her into driving a car for a scene, despite her protesting that she did not feel comfortable and requesting a body double. Thurman referred to the car as a "death-box." The stunt resulted in injury after the car Thurman was driving crashed. Thurman also alleged that Tarantino spat in her face and strangled her with a chain for two separate scenes.