As far as Saturday Night Live hosts go, it can be a hit or miss. I know every time I watch Miley Cyrus host, I feel like I'm catching her at the end of her most recent quarter-life crisis. However, there are times when we are very fortunate. This week, after a three-year hiatus from hosting, Will Ferrell returned to the SNL stage. As a cast member on the show from 1995-2002, the comedic legend had us cackling within the first five minutes of the episode.

During his opening monologue, Ferrell appeared shocked to be there. "I mean, me? Will Ferrell on Saturday Night Live? What?" the comedian said. He then went on to tell the audience that hosting the show was a lifelong dream for him. He also gave fans a treat and burst into song, singing "I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here" from the 1982 classic film Annie. As he was singing, the comedic icon appeared to be bleeding from the back of his head. He told the audience he injured himself while changing outfits.

Since leaving the show, Ferrell has made guest appearances numerous times, returning to reprise some of his most famous impersonations. Before there was Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump, there was Will Ferrell as George W. Bush, who he mocked relentlessly during an era when we thought the White House had hit rock bottom. Ferrell also portrayed fictional characters of his own creation like Gene Frenkle, the cowbell player in the band Blue Oyster Cult, as well as Craig Buchanan, the annoyingly energetic Spartan cheerleader. 

Most recently, Ferrell has participated in several movies, including Daddy's Home 2 with Mark Wahlberg. He's also wrapped filming for Zeroville, a comedy-drama directed by James Franco, and the action-mystery-comedy film Holmes and Watson, both set to be released in 2018.