The latest, Jessica Chastain-hosted episode of Saturday Night Live decided to parody another one of the network's iconic shows. A sketch was inspired by the memorable theme song for Fresh Prince of Bel AirHere, Will's life after this "one little fight" at the basketball court in Philadelphia takes a much darker turn. 

Played by cast member Chris Redd, Smith's story starts out the same as the original. He gets into an altercation with some questionable characters at the park and his mother (played by Leslie Jones) decides he needs to move out to Bel-Air to live with his auntie and uncle. However, this time the thugs Smith fought are led by Method Man, and they're actually a dangerous gang who'll follow him to Bel-Air to murder him.

They beat the hell out of Uncle Phil (played by Kenan Thompson) and make Carlton piss his pants instead of hitting his signature dance moves. Will ends up hiding out at a hotel where he meets an FBI agent (played by Jessica Chastain) who helps him fake his death and go off the grid for good to avoid the gang. And that isn't even the wildest part. 

This new version of the Fresh Prince theme was definitely a swerve from the original, but fans seemed to enjoy it, especially the cameo from Method Man.

At least now there's a glimpse into how Fresh Prince would shake out as a crime drama. Peep the full parody in the video above.