If you're trying to get up on the latest internet challenge, just know that you're going to be imitating a scene from The CW's Riverdale and Kreayshawn's lone hit, "Gucci Gucci." Welcome to the "karma's a bitch" challenge.

For some reason, Camila Mendes' character Veronica saying "karma's a bitch" has sparked a movement, mostly via the Chinese social media network Webido (and rose to viral fame in the U.S. via Reddit). According to Mashable, the meme involves people getting in front of their camera, mouthing along to the above Riverdale scene, then throwing up a cloth or blanket and magically being transformed into some glam'd up creature, which is signaled by the Kreayshawn track.

It might not be as bad as that #DontJudge challenge, but it sure feels like it hits the same beats. It's the perfect kiss off to someone who's fucked you over, but also feels like it would take a lot of effort to do so. You might as well just remove them from your contacts and call it a day. Shouts to them for bringing back the Vine-esque vibe back to virality.