Screen Junkies, the YouTube channel behind the popular Honest Trailers series, have given their signature, non-dramatized treatment to Jordan Peele's much-buzzed 2017 film Get Out. "Forget serial killers, demons and evil clowns, because a more terrifying, inescapable, unstoppable force is coming to get white people," opens the trailer.

The rest of the trailer pokes fun at the film's satirization of the current racial tensions in America with a hyperbolic instance of the wolf-in-sheep's-clothing villain. "Catch the film that once again proved diversity, equality and making buttloads of money aren't mutually exclusive" narrator Jon Bailey announces in an exaggerated voice.

Hilariously enough, the Honest Trailer even points out main character Chris's—played by Daniel Kaluuya—inability to respond appropriately to blatantly menacing conversations, refusing to see any of the red flags of this fucked-up situation, along with other trite instances of common movie ploys and plot inconsistencies. 

For a more closer look into the Screen Junkies' latest honest release, check out their follow-up video where the creators give commentary, show cut jokes, and celebrate Get Out's Oscar noms here.