Chloë  Grace Moretz, who worked with comedian Louis C.K. on the film I Love You, Daddy, was forced to finally address (sort of) the accusations of sexual misconduct from five women came out against the comedian back in November. The film was dropped days before it was scheduled for a limited release. C.K. directed, produced, and starred in the movie.

When asked how she felt after the allegations against C.K. came out, the actress told Variety, “I could single-in and talk about my experience, but I think it’s more important to talk about the entire movement as a whole.” While skirting around a direct response to C.K., Moretz continued on and addressed the #MeToo movement.

“I’m one of hundreds of thousands of women in so many different industries that has a story. You could ask anyone in this room, and all of us could give you ten stories, I’m sure," the actress said. "I think it’s just nice, the communication, and the fact that you asked this question at Sundance in a video suite, this never would have happened two years ago. So the fact that it’s a conversation and it’s a question is monumental, and I think that shouldn’t be looked past or looked over. We’ve all been through a lot of stuff, but at least we’re communicating, and people are going to be held accountable.”

Well said.

In the film, C.K. played a writer/producer C.K. who tried to prevent his daughter, played by Moretz, from falling for a 68-year-old filmmaker (John Malkovich). C.K. bought the rights to the film back from The Orchard in December after they suspended their plans to distribute it.