Well, this is creepy.

The Daily Dot uncovered an old MTV sketch (above) starring Aziz Ansari and Kristen Bell from when Ansari hosted MTV Movie Awards in 2010. But now viewers are looking at the sketch in a new light especially since its eerily similar to the sexual assault allegations against Ansari. 

An anonymous Brooklyn-based photographer, who was given the pseudonym "Grace," shared her account with Babe earlier this week. In it, she says that Ansari continuously tried to initiate sex with her despite her verbal and nonverbal cues that she wasn't interested in having intercourse.

At one point, she said that she made a point to tell Ansari that she didn't want to have sex, but after a few minutes of watching Seinfeld, Ansari was allegedly at it again. "While the TV played in the background, he kissed her again, stuck his fingers down her throat again, and moved to undo her pants. She turned away," read the post.

In the newly-unearthed MTV ad, Ansari and Bell casually settle in to watch The Hurt Locker. When Bell asks what IEDs are, Ansari tells her that they're "improvised explosive devices." He soon follows up by saying that he has "an improvised explosive device—in my pants." Then he asks: "Maybe you can come to the bedroom and help me disarm it?"

Bell turns to him in revulsion. "You’re disgusting. I hope your dick explodes, Aziz," says Bell before storming out. Creepy AF.

Watch the clip above.