Chances are you binging fucks have already finished Stranger Things' (very good) second season. However, in the event that you were holding off until one of the series' stars performed a recap rap of season 1, then today's your day.

Millie Bobby Brown dropped by the Tonight Show Halloween night in promotion of this past weekend's season 2 unveiling. In addition to joining host Jimmy Fallon for an interview, Brown also offered hesitant bingers a quick recap rap complete with green fog and Eggo waffles. Catch the helpful segment in full up top.

During the interview, Brown discussed the generation-spanning popularity of Stranger Things-themed Halloween costumes. "Yeah, I did, but I can't really think about it too much," she said when asked if she noticed just how popular the costumes had become. "If I think about it, it freaks me out that, like, grown men are dressing up as me. But I think it's cool, and I'm definitely really grateful for it. People are really funny and I get to see all those videos and pictures."

Brown, a "big fan" of Halloween, considered going as Baymax from Big Hero 6 this year. Last year, as shown in a throwback photo during the interview, Brown and the rest of the Stranger Things cast went all out for the evening’s festivities.

Brown and Fallon also discussed the secret language of Keeping Up With the Kardashians and a certain Stranger Things season 2 moment:

Stranger Things is available on Netflix now.