You can add John Travolta to the growing list of Hollywood figures who are being accused of some kind of sexual assault.

Radar got their hands on a police report that says Travolta was accused of groping the bare buttocks of a 21-year-old male masseur back in 2000. The report also states Travolta not only indecently exposed himself, but he is said to have made lewd comments to the masseur, who is unnamed.

The alleged incident took place at the LaQuinta Hotel in Palm Springs, California's spa, with Travolta approaching the masseur numerous times, saying the man was "attractive" and that he was "excited." Travolta asked the masseur to join him in the steam room, and when he did, Travolta got completely naked and told the masseur he'd demonstrate some massage techniques on him.

It's also said that Travolta asked the masseur “what would he do it he ever had a sexual encounter with another man,” so he could have something to fantasize about.

The masseur said after he was done with Travolta he felt violated and went straight to file a police report. The report notes that an Officer Peters indicated that the “details do not meet the elements of battery … or sexual battery.”

According to The Daily Beast, two masseurs filed separate civil lawsuits against Travolta in May of 2012, giving similar stories that this masseur gave back in 2000. There were also the insurance claims from six people back in 2013 accusing Travolta of sexual assault, to which Travolta's lawyers stated the claims just showed the expenses people incurred, not any confirmation of Travolta making any payouts.

As of right now, there's no word regarding Travolta speaking out against this 2000 police report.

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