During an interview with TMZ on Thursday, Andy Cohen, who is replacing Kathy Griffin in a New Year’s Eve special on CNN with Anderson Cooper, pretended to have no idea who Griffin was. It’s actually a pretty serious insult—Cohen has worked closely with her at Bravo and was her former boss.

In the clip, Cohen is acting like he’s never heard of Griffin’s name or even the news that he is replacing her after she got fired from CNN for her “decapitated” Trump stunt. He may look like he’s playing dumb, but he definitely sounds pretty clueless when her name gets brought up numerous times.

Andy Cohen, who worked closely with Kathy Griffin at Bravo for years, pretends he doesn't know who she is when asked by TMZ. pic.twitter.com/kF0Cs7CVRU

— Yashar Ali 🐘 (@yashar) October 27, 2017

It didn’t take long for Griffin to respond on Twitter, writing, “Even when it's on tape, there are doubters? He is NOT kidding w paps. Was my boss for 10 years. Treated me like a dog. Deeply misogynistic.” Griffin’s show My Life on the D-List aired on Bravo for six seasons, and she’s been interviewed by Cohen on Watch What Happens Live twice.

Even when it's on tape, there are doubters? He is NOT kidding w paps. Was my boss for 10 years. Treated me like a dog. Deeply misogynistic https://t.co/geqFsLtWy1

— Kathy Griffin (@kathygriffin) October 27, 2017

She expounded in a 17-minute video on YouTube, addressing TMZ’s Harvey Levin and exposing his personal number to retaliate against the gossip site’s tendency to tear down women.

"I just want you guys to know Harvey Levin, Harvey Levin a blogger, is very much in bed with everybody from Hollywood to Donald Trump," she said. “Doesn't that bother you, that the President of the United States is talking to a gossip blogger?"

In regards to Cohen and coming after her, she says he was a “miserable boss” who harassed her and treated her poorly. “People like Andy Cohen and Harvey Levin, who honestly live just to take women down, we need to speak out about,” she says.

She doesn’t give any specific details, but she recalls her experience on Watch What Happens Live, explaining Cohen has asked her to do cocaine with him when they were alone.

"Trust me, he is going to say he was kidding or something," she said. "No, he was asking me to do cocaine with him. That made me very uncomfortable.”

Griffin continues to address Levin and Cohen, accusing them of coordinating attacks against her. She also shares more insider info about the inner workings of Bravo and TMZ, stating the latter is "in bed with this administration."

“When Andy Cohen is running around that he doesn’t know who I am, he actually has two Emmys from My Life on the D-List as a producer. His are fake. Mine are real,” she says.

You can watch the video above.