Following her attempt to try and be edgy by holding up a Donald Trump mask that looked like a severed head, Kathy Griffin has been fired by CNN. You're probably asking yourself, "Wait, what the hell did she even do for CNN?" The answer is that she has co-hosted their New Year's Eve coverage with Anderson Cooper annually since 2007. And, speaking of Cooper, he tossed in his two cents on the controversy on Tuesday night:

Also on Tuesday night, Griffin tweeted out a 31-second long video apology asking for the public's forgiveness:

CNN, apparently, was unmoved.

Their firing of the veteran comic comes in addition to a canceled endorsement deal she had for a line of footstools for shitters called "Squatty Potty," as well as a cancelation of a scheduled July gig she had for a resort in New Mexico.

The news of Griffin's firing comes after (or at roughly the same time) as a report that says that Trump's 11-year-old son, Barron, saw the picture and thought it was real. This particular report comes from TMZ, who claims that the preteen was watching TV when the news came on showing the image. As TMZ tells it, he then got up and ran while screaming, "Mommy!"

Good god it would suck to be a politician's kid. That doesn't sound like something 11-year-old me would want getting out there.

Anyway, Donald tweeted something similar last night:

Guess we'll wait and see if the fallout continues.