If you're struggling to shake off the weekend malaise this dreary fucking Monday, I have a truly profound and uplifting quote that just might turn things around:

"Big dogs eat."

- Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

To be fair, dogs of all sizes are capable of ingesting food. But that's not the point. When things are very much not going your way, use this mantra—"big dogs eat"—to power through the bullshit. When your boss complains about you taking a two hour lunch break and taking a nap at the cash register, let them in on a little secret: Big dogs eat. But if you're Tyrese Gibson, that simple phrase will probably carry a different meaning.

In addition to including the "big dogs eat" mantra in a workout-centered Instagram post Monday, Johnson also added additional dog imagery to the phrase in a clip many are assuming is meant as an indirect response to Gibson's recent Fast and Furious complaints. "Puttin' in work," Johnson said. "Big dogs eat. Little crying puppies stay on the porch."

Subliminal shot or not, the tension—at least according to Gibson—has been brewing for quite some time. Shortly after Gibson blamed the recently announced Fast 9 delay on Johnson, a release date for Johnson and Jason Statham's Fast and Furious spinoff was announced.

Vin Diesel, once dubbed a "candy ass" by Johnson, offered his thoughts on the latest feud/publicity stunt in a lengthy Instagram post of his own over the weekend. According to Diesel, placing the blame for the Fast 9 delay on a single actor "would be unfair."

Thankfully, Johnson has revived his love of that aforementioned "candy ass" insult. In a separate Instagram post Monday touting his Fast and Furious spinoff, Johnson closed with the hashtag #CandyAssesNeedNotApply.

If this doesn't result in a Fast and Furious sequel/spinoff/half-hour sitcom called Fast and Furious: 2 Candy 2 Ass, then what was it all for?