The low-key creepy couple Scott Disick, 34 and Sofia Richie, 19 were seen having a romantic weekend in Miami, where the two were being congratulated by some of their close friends. For what, we don't quite know. 

On one hand, you have Scott, the 34-year-old ex-Kardashian family member who's been publicly crying for help since the KUWTK series began 10 years ago. And on the other hand, you have Sofia Richie, the 19-year-old model who's trying to solidify her own fame by walking for some of the biggest FW brands. We've seen Scott womanize his way around almost every major U.S. city, but this one seems to be a bit more permanent. So what exactly is it that they're doing? 

TMZ reported that a source claimed the two were being celebrated after officially becoming a couple, however that has yet to be confirmed. The celebration, decked with a misspelled cake (it's Sofia duh) and all, came after the pair was seen partying with Travis Scott—Kylie Jenner's boo and possible baby daddy—just the night before. It's worth noting that their 'partying' took place at a 21+ club. Sofia, how old are you again?

I mean honestly, they might have faked an engagement for a free dessert, who knows.