The release of the horror smash It this weekend marks the latest acclaimed film based on a story from the sick and twisted mind of literary legend Stephen King. Taking in a whopping $114 million bucks, that massive haul makes It the third biggest opening of 2017, the biggest September opening of all time, and the biggest horror opening... ever. Of course this isn’t the first time a tale ripped from King’s pages became entrenched in pop culture. From subtly scary flicks, heart-pounding thrillers and thoughtful character studies, the unique author’s vast catalog of novels have been ripe fruit for Hollywood for over four decades by eliciting tears and thrills, warming hearts, and producing some of the most memorable moments in cinematic history- and giving plenty of children nightmares along the way. In honor of It’s critical acclaim and box office success, these are the 10 best film adaptations based on King’s weird and wild body of work.