The production of Game of Thrones is far from cheap. In fact, the hit HBO series has become one of the most expensive shows in history, with some episodes costing more than $10 million. It’s not too surprising when you consider the large cast, the elaborate sets, and the wide range of filming locations; however, there’s one area of the show that allowed Game of Thrones to be a little frugal: the costume designs.

As pointed out by Quartz, one of the series’ most recognizable costume pieces is so affordable and accessible, you might have it on your bedroom floor. We’re talking about the capes donned by the Night’s Watch. They were once made from Ikea rugs. Yes, Ikea rugs. The show’s award-winning costume designer Michele Clapton revealed the incredible hack during a 2016 presentation at the Getty Museum in Los Angeles.

“These capes are actually Ikea rugs," she said in the video below at the 27:30 mark. "A bit of trick. We take anything we can. We cut and we shave them and then we added strong leather straps and breakdown, which is like a religion on Game of Thrones.”

Clapton also revealed the rug capes were waxed and frosted to fit the landscape.

“I want the audience to almost smell the costume,” she told the crowd.

So if you're planning on rocking a Jon Snow costume for Halloween 2017, you know where to look. It's unclear which rugs Clapton used for the capes, but the furniture store has several suitable options: There's the FÅRDRUP and TEJN pieces for $14.99 each; the HÖJERUP for $19.99; the ALHEDE for $79.99; or the RENS for $29.99.