UPDATED 7/9/2017 11:00 a.m. ET: The details of LaBeouf’s arrest have now emerged, presumably with the aid of an official police report. The embattled actor found himself in police custody for an incident that is very much on brand, given his previous legal missteps.

“According to Savannah police, LaBeouf tried to bum a cigarette from a bystander and a Savannah police officer in City Market,” reported Rosalind Bentley of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “When neither the officer nor the bystander would give him one, he started cursing and hurling vulgarities in front of other people at the popular tourist destination. The officer told LaBeouf to leave, but LaBeouf got ‘aggressive’ with the officer, according to police.”

The report went on to add that when the officer attempted to arrest LaBeouf, the actor ran into a hotel lobby, where he was arrested.

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Actor, anti-Trump activist, and sporadic freestyle rapper Shia LaBeouf now has his second alcohol-related legal incident since May, courtesy of Saturday’s arrest in Georgia for public drunkenness and disorderly conduct. The latest incident is apparently still developing, as some manner of legal intervention was required during the early morning hours.

“Shia was taken into custody at 4:00 a.m. Saturday morning,” TMZ reports. “He was booked for disorderly conduct, obstruction and public drunkenness. At the time of this post Shia is still in custody.”

LaBeouf was hit with a lawsuit in May after a heated exchange with bartender David Bernstein of Jerry’s Famous Deli in Los Angeles. That confrontation produced video of LaBeouf yelling obscenities and Bernstein alleging that he had to wield a bottle of Grey Goose vodka for protection.

In a 2014 interview with Jimmy Kimmel, LaBeouf said “a whole lot of whiskey” led to his arrest in New York after he was charged with two counts of disorderly conduct and one count of criminal trespassing.

The former Transformers and Even Stevens actor also faced assault charges in January after getting into an altercation with a man outside Queens, New York’s Museum of the Moving Image. According to reports, LaBeouf pulled a scarf off a man and scratched his face outside the museum, which was housing LaBeouf’s anti-Trump installation. After the incident, the museum deemed the installation a public safety hazard and shut down LaBeouf’s collaborative project with his art partners Ronko & Turner.