Video game developers are notorious for dropping little Easter eggs within their work, dating back to the very beginning of the industry. While many of these little gems are simple messages left behind for dedicated fans, others have offered new ways to play the same game—the Super Nintendo version of NBA Jam: Tournament Edition allowed you to play as Bill Clinton or the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air if you knew the right cheat code.

There's nothing hidden about Splatoon 2's tribute to a real-world item, but it's pretty hilarious all the same. The Nintendo Switch exclusive has received rave reviews for its twist on the multiplayer shooter genre, and the vibrant characters are a big part of what set it apart from its competitors. You're able to customize your avatar at your own behest, which includes selecting the perfect pair of shoes for your character to wear.

You may recognize this ultra expensive pair of sneakers that is available for purchase in the in-game store:

Not ringing a bell yet? Maybe this comparison photo, which shows them off from the front, will help you connect the dots.

It's pretty apparent that the Yeezy 750 Boost made its way into Splatoon 2, available to any Kanye head who happens to be playing the game. What's even funnier is that the price tag within Splatoon 2 is a direct reflection of how much it costs to buy a pair in real life. If you browse through the sticker prices for other shoes within the game, you'll quickly find that the Yeezy knock-off is far more expensive than comparable sneakers.

The Splatoon 2 community is fragmented on the issue. Though some are even more in love with the game as a result of the surprise inclusion, others used the moment as another opportunity to complain about Kanye West and his sneaker prices.

If you can't get your hands on a pair of Yeezys in real life—and odds are, you can't—think of this as the next best thing. The only problem is that the Nintendo Switch might be the only item harder to obtain than a pair of Kanye's sneakers, so you could still be waiting for a while.