To call the box office showing of Shia LaBeouf's wartime thriller Man Down in the United Kingdom a "disappointment" would be about as good a spin as you could possibly put on it. Not to mention it would be an understatement. The film, which stars LaBeouf as a U.S. solider who's suffering from PTSD after returning home from Afghanistan, grossed a total of £7 ($8.70) on its opening weekend after just a single person purchased a ticket to see it. Hopefully that person saved their ticket stub.

As The Hollywood Reporter pointed out, the movie was showing in just one theater once per day. Which can at least partially explain the abysmal turnout. It's not like this was a major blockbuster. But the poor showing is still noteworthy, especially considering that it had a supporting cast of notable actors, including Jai Courtney, Kate Mara, and Gary Oldman.

If there's any slice of good news, or at least a way to spin it in a positive manner, the sole cinema showing it said that attendance has tripled since the rough opening. Feel free to do the math on that. "I think we've sold three tickets in total," the theater's manager told THR, further stating that she has "[never] experienced anything like it before."

The same manager reported that the flick's run would likely end on Thursday, so there's still time to catch it if you're in the Burnley area. If no further purchases are made, the film will have racked up just £21 ($26.20). For the curious amongst you, the movie made $454,490 during its limited U.S. release this past December.