There's a new Louis C.K. special out on Netflix now, so why are you wasting your time reading this? You should be studying it closely so you can quote it at the next family gathering, but I digress. In promotion of the new hour (which is very, very good), C.K. joined Tuesday's Late Show to confess he once thought Stephen Colbert was an extraterrestrial being and to provide an update on his assessment of Trumpery.

Colbert asked C.K. about that time he compared 45 to Hitler in a newsletter to fans, prompting an update from the stand-up icon. "Well, I don't take it back," C.K. said of his 2016 thoughts. "I regret it. There's a difference. I regret saying it. That doesn't mean it's not true. It's a messy thing, you know? It's how I was feeling at the time, and I said it to a lot of people. It just was more people than I thought were gonna read it."

The problem, C.K. said, was that his face ended up plastered on the cover of the Daily News the following day next to a photo of Trump. In the months since, C.K. has learned that Trump represents an arguably simpler threat than he initially thought. "Now, I guess he's not as profound as I thought he was," he said. "I thought he was some new kind of evil, but he's just a lying sack of shit. It's just simple. It's simpler than I thought."

The "lying sack of shit" is the highest level of liar one can achieve, C.K. explained. "[Trump] likes it!" he said. "He goes, 'Haha, it wasn't even true! It wasn't even true! And then I said they were liars!'" When Colbert pointed out the one fucking guy in the audience who voted for Trump, C.K. doled out an inkling of sympathy. "That's the guy he lied to," C.K said. "He didn't lie to me. Everybody else was like, 'No, that's not true.' But that guy bought it! So he's the victim of the lying."

C.K. added that his position on Trump isn't "political," but observational. "He's just a gross, crook, dirty, rotten, lying sack of shit," he said.