Louis C.K. returns to Saturday Night Live for hosting duties with musical guests The Chainsmokers.

C.K. started his monologue joking about animals, and then got into his early days as a struggling comedian. He recalled staying in cheap motels, describing some that we are all too familiar with like the ones near random stops off the highway. These days, C.K. stays in fancier hotels, but he still hates them. There’s one particular story about him dropping off his laundry and utilizing his white privilege that’s hilarious.

This marks Louis C.K.’s fourth appearance on SNL. In 2015, when C.K. was picked to close out the season 40 finale with Rihanna, he drew controversy for his monologue that contained jokes about growing up in the 1970s, child molesters, and racism. Social media were sharply split over the comedian’s monologue, some called it offense while others were stunned that NBC allowed it to air. “How do you think I feel? It’s my last show probably,” he said, mid-way through his child molestation joke.

Well, Lorne Michaels definitely let the edgy comedian return. Check out his monologue above.