Like crappy graphics, split-screen co-op, and multiple sports titles to choose from, today's youngsters don't know what it's like to be stuck in a video game with no idea what to do next. Now, instead of plunking down for clunky game guides, and then trying to figure out what the hell the writer's talking about, they can just look up and figure out how to do everything on YouTube. Truly this is the golden age of civilization.

YouTube is also good for spilling the beans on cheats and glitches that will allow you to exploit classic titles and (hopefully) some poor sap who's willing to back his gaming trash talk with money. Case in point? The above video from YouTuber "Summoning Salt," which shows you how to abuse the shoddy programming of Mario Kart 64 to trick the system into thinking you zoomed around Rainbow Road in, like, 20 seconds.

As you likely know if you're in college, or still have a functioning 64 (or Virtual Console), many people still consider Mario Kart 64 an old school cult classic, often to the detriment of the criminally overlooked Double Dash. Because of that there's still time to utilize these cheats/glitches to throw the competitive balance out the window and completely screw over your buddies. That being said, if you remember Mario Kart 64, these moves are probably much more difficult to pull off than the world's dorkiest greatest speedrunners make them look. So we're guessing you'll have to do some run-throughs before putting them to the test.

They say cheaters never win, but that's a line of bull. Use the video above, practice, get your friends in a gambling mood, get them drunk, and then take them for all they're worth. Just don't hold us responsible for the broken controllers and busted eye sockets that may come as a result of that plan.