The king of the drive share industry has become the black sheep. In a refreshing twist, Uber, the Goliath of car services, is apparently crumbling under its own greed. If you're slow to catch on, on Saturday, New York taxi drivers went on strike to protest the immigration order issued by Trump. In response to the clear demand of travelers in need of transportation to and from the airport, Uber tweeted that it had dropped its surge pricing, eliciting notions of either Trump alignment or an unsympathetic stance on the immigrant situation. Users retaliated by deleting their accounts and downloading competing service Lyft. #DeleteUber quickly became a trending topic. 

It seems apropos to introduce another car service. Unfortunately, you can't use this one, but you can watch it while you're in your Lyft. From the comedic minds of The League's Paul Scheer and Rob Huebel of Children's Hospital, comes a semi-scripted comedy series based on the hilarious and weird situations that happen in drive sharing services. Featuring comedians as both drivers and passengers, Complex Networks and go90's new series, "Drive Share" will most definitely lighten up the mood around Uber.