While Suicide Squad's $745.6 million worldwide haul thrust both Margot Robbie and Will Smith into Forbes' highest-grossing actors for 2016 list, that doesn't mean it was a great film. Hell, some might say it is the final nail in DC's coffin. Critics went in on the film early, and while some superfans wanted to shut down Rotten Tomatoes over the Rotten scores, it might take others more convincing.

If that's you, check out the above video, which is a part of Cinema Sins' "Everything Wrong...In Less Than 20 Minutes" series, which looks at a movie and picks apart every scene from a movie and explains why it's wrong. If you love to nitpick movies, this will be your life.

Among the things that Cinema Sins point out:

  • The weird need for separate introductions for Harley Quinn and Deadshot
  • The need for The Flash to randomly pop up on Captain Boomerag
  • Why Amanda Wailer sleeps with a gun near her but has her phone on silent
  • How long it must have taken for The Enchantress to kiss all of those people to become soldiers
  • And much, much more.

In total, Suicide Squad picks up 157 movie sins. Check out all of them in the hilarious video up above.