Actress turned conservative political pundit Stacey Dash found herself a trending topic on Twitter after it was announced on Sunday that Fox News declined to renew her contract. The Hill cites a Fox spokesperson in confirming Dash was one of several contributors, along with George Will and Ed Rollins, not to have their 2017 contracts renewed.

Having drawn the ire of viewers—and reportedly her own family members—for her retrograde opinions on race relations, women’s rights, and other hot-button issues, there wasn’t exactly an outpouring of sympathy for Dash, as Twitter users commenced with savage memes.

This was essentially a two-part reaction.


There's never a bad time for a Khaled meme. #MajorKey

Timing is everything.


Dave Chappelle's "Racial Draft" skit is a classic go-to.

Dash rose to fame during the early ’80s and ’90s with roles on The Cosby Show and St. Elsewhere. She later co-starred in Clueless in 1995. Dash was signed by Fox in 2014 and the 50-year-old Republican was primarily featured on the afternoon news discussion program, Outnumbered.