It’s finally setting in. In just a few days, Barack Obama’s presidency will end, leaving behind a legacy of memorable moments and a time when it was undoubtedly easier to be optimistic as an American. But even as this uncertain, hate-filled fog approaches, now is a good time to remember the happy days of the Obama presidency. From his hilariously dry dad-jokes to his unshakeable wit, Obama was one of the most meme-able people in the entire world for over eight years. His dynamic personality meant that he could be malleable in any form of media without it being too corny. Because deep down he wasn’t just the president—he was one of us.

The most interesting aspect of Obama being such a lightning rod for good mannered fun is that the impersonations of him never made him the butt of the joke (unlike the ones that have and will be centered on our incoming “president”). Instead, Obama was the life of the party, and we were laughing with him. To help ease the pain of Obama’s exit from the White House, we’ve narrowed down the list of Obama impersonations over the past eight years to the seven best. Check 'em out.