Brevity is underrated. Want to truly capture a new audience and subsequently launch your film career? Sometimes the best option is to keep your inaugural slice of cinema capped at 120 seconds, giving viewers practically zero excuses for not supporting your greatest hopes and dreams. In that spirit, the Tribeca Film Festival's announcement Thursday that Snapchat Shorts is now an official fest category means right now is the time to start cooking.

"The Tribeca Film Festival and Snap Inc. are excited to bring back Tribeca Snapchat Shorts, now an official Festival category, created in effort to discover visionary artists in the mobile space," a fest spokesperson said Thursday. "This new category provides the perfect opportunity for people who are passionate about Snapchat and narrative storytelling to present their mastery of the smallest screen. The Festival and Snap Inc. are excited to support the next generation of storytellers and promote creativity on Snapchat."


The rules are simple. Save your Story to your camera roll as an MP4 file, then upload to the official Tribeca site no later than Feb. 17, 2017. Spectacles and Memories are allowed when crafting your vision, but to ensure all entires "appear in the Snapchat style," Tribeca isn't down for any attempts at avoiding vertical shoots.

Judges for the 2017 Tribeca Snapchat Shorts program, Variety reported Thursday, will include Eva Longoria and Serena Williams. Up to 10 entries will be selected. For more detailed rules and creative recommendations, peep the official breakdown by clicking right here.

Here's to hoping that one day, maybe soon, Kylie Jenner's snapsterpiece will finally receive its due.