Jimmy Kimmel pulled a fast one on some gullible people when the newest edition of his recurring Lie Witness News segment convinced people Hillary Clinton and Anthony Weiner had an affair. On Friday, FBI director James Comey said new emails possibly related to the previous Hillary Clinton investigation were discovered while the FBI was investigating Weiner and his alleged sexting with a 15-year-old girl. With one week until the U.S. votes for the next president, it’s kind of scary what people will believe—but let’s not dwell on that too much.  

The piece, which aired Monday night, saw people asked about the fictional “steamy email exchange between Hillary Clinton and Anthony Weiner.” One woman, who said she was a Donald Trump supporter, wasn’t at all surprised about the email exchange. One of the fake, not to mention hilarious, emails allegedly sent between Clinton and Weiner was read to the woman. It read: “I’d love to put my weiner in a hill of your beans right now.” Lie Witness News would later “reveal” to another person Weiner was posting under his infamous Carlos Danger pseudonym and Clinton under “Lolita Ladyboner.” “You can clearly see they were having an affair,” said another person, after hearing some explicit emails between Clinton and Weiner. The real killer was when a person was asked about Weiner’s fake mother Anita Weiner.  

You can see the entire Lie Witness News segment above.