President Obama will be out of a job this January. So to prepare for that eventuality, he visited The Late Show With Stephen Colbert on Monday night, where the host put him through a mock job interview.

After a brief introduction, Colbert gets into character as "Randy," an office manager examining the President's resumé. The setup left plenty of room for jokes about birtherism ("Randy" asks Obama where he was born, eliciting an exasperated, "Really?" from POTUS); Michelle Obama's sky-high popularity; the President's Nobel Peace Prize; and plenty more. At one point, the President of the United States even ends up with a flower crown Snapchat filter.

Obama even found time to poke fun at his own campaign catchphrase. "Randy" asks, "What's a common criticism you have of others in the workplace?" The President responds with a serious-sounding answer: "I cannot stand it when people reduce complex ideas to some simplistic catchphrase." "We can't accept that answer," "Randy" responds. "Yes we can," Obama parries.

Towards the end, Colbert says that while Obama can't endorse a candidate during the segment, presumably due to the equal-time rule, he can discuss his taste in snacks. The host then gives snack food analogues for each of the major candidates. Hillary is "an extra-fiber nutrient bar, that has travelled to more than 100 countries." And Trump? He's a "shriveled tangerine covered in Golden Retriever hair, filled with bile, that I wouldn't leave alone with the woman I love."

You can see President Obama, Stephen Colbert, and "Randy" above.