From the initial notes of Johnny Cash's cover of Nine Inch Nails' "Hurt," I knew that this trailer for Hugh Jackman's final movie as Wolverine, Logan, would be right up my alley. As resident old in the Complex bullpen, it's not hard to find me shouting like the curmudgeon that I am in a sea of #youths. It's gets worse when you realize that I'm an old nerd, so when it comes to explaining these superhero origins to the youths of the office and the outside world, I'm constantly spouting about multiple universes and how the movies just ain't doing it like the comics did. The youths around me just smile and nod, like you would for most loud old men.

But I digress. When you think of superheroes, you immediately think of young (white) males fighting adversity. But in Logan, we're getting some kind of play on the classic "Old Man Logan", in which Wolverine is living in a world with few mutants, and apparently fewer friends. While the Logan trailer didn't give much in the way of details regarding the plot, it does look "very different," as Hugh Jackman promised, and we do see a bunch of bad dudes are coming for Logan, who's somehow buddied up with an old-ass Charles Xavier and a little girl (who's kind of like him, and is rumored to be the much-beloved X-23). It's kind of typical, especially if you've followed anything Wolverine-related in the comics, but it will also be the first time we get a true, lowkey decrepit Wolverine on the screen.

I don't know about you, but I felt even older while watching the trailer. For those who might not have caught the epic old that dances beautifully to Cash's painful "Hurt," don't worry—here you go, for prosperity. 

Shaking Hands

I don't know what it is about getting old, but it means your body starts moving on its own. Sometimes it's because of an ailment or disease, sometimes it's because years of alcohol and drug use just take their toll. There might be something else to Logan's shakes, but this is definitely old man form.


This is the first time we get to see Logan's face, all haggard and, well, old. He has noticeable scars that, for a mutant with regenerative powers, seem to not be going away. A full salt-and-pepper beard and his furrowed brow complete the old look, but it's really him just staring off into the distance that makes you feel for his oldness. Logan's seen a lot, and while he's probably looking out for enemies (possibly the Reavers?) in the distance, he's also looking back at his long, long life, full of adventure, heartache, and pain.

Drinking at Your Friend's Funeral

This is some #oldmanshit if I've ever seen it. Who knows who is being buried in this sequence, but you have to have lived a long life (or seen a lot of wild shit) to have the confidence (and/or immense, built-up pain) to tip the bottle back at a funeral. Those old man scars run deep.

These Wounds Won't Heal

As a younger person, you can bounce back from injury pretty easily. As you get older, those broken bones can take their toll; even if you're healed, you're going to feel that pain for years to come. One of Wolverine's most important powers is the ability to rapidly heal from pain, so seeing the battle scars on his body? That's a) the sign of his mutant power being weak and b) just the brutality he's put on his body over the years catching up to him. An old man is at his most vulnerable when he's alone, shirtless in the bathroom.

Old Men Need Old Friends

Logan isn't the only old running around the Logan trailer, though. We get to see Professor X, who's rocking the classic old man cardigan x suspenders fit. Some say that the best joy an old man can get, especially after losing their significant others, is from socializing with other olds on a regular basis. Here we see Logan taking Charles Xavier on a car ride, although Charles should've strapped in. Or maybe Charles was happy to get out of wherever this deathbed situation is.

Old Man Strength

You ever watch a fight video where some young buck thinks he can take out an old man he's arguing with, and the old man straight wipes the floor with him? You can't count an old dog out—they'll find some pocket of old energy and hand you your ass. Or, they will pop out their adamantium claws and save themselves from being impaled. Whichever comes first.

Ultimately, while Logan is apparently the last time Hugh Jackman will don the claws and portray Wolverine, it will be the peak old superhero film that many of me and my fellow old fogies need to see. The old struggle is so real, even in a world of superpowered beings. Hell, I might tear up in the theater; maybe I should make sure my #oldsquad is around for Logan's March 3, 2017 release date. Gotta make sure we roll through, old and empowered.