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Not to trash up your Friday or anything, but let's not forget that Game of Thrones is soon coming to its inevitable conclusion with a pair of short AF seasons on HBO. But do you really think HBO is going to give up arguably its biggest show ever that easily? Nah. For Casey Bloys, the network's president of programming, the future is rife with possible spin-offs.

"There are so many properties and areas to go to," Bloys told the Hollywood Reporter Thursday. "For us, it's about finding the right take with the right writer." In a perfect world, Bloys added, the show would just "keep going," and we wouldn't even have to endure such speculation. But that's simply not in the cards. So who's on deck to helm these potential Thrones continuations? Well, no one… yet.


"It's a big, big commitment for [showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss], not just their creative force, but also their family life," Bloys explained of the duo's declaration that they're done with Thrones for good when the series wraps. "They're gone for months at a time. So it's a big, big thing. But should we find a property that makes sense as a spin-off or a prequel—whatever you want to say—I would not expect them to do it, because they're going to need to decompress for a good amount of time, but it would certainly be nice to have their involvement in some way."

Thrones star Kit Harington warned fans last month that the final run of episodes will get pretty damn bleak before anything even remotely not depressing goes down. "If there's any sort of win or heroic moment for [Jon Snow] and everyone else," Harington told THR, "I think it's going to get very dark before it gets better." Sounds great!