Jaden Smith is on board for an Area 51 road trip across the country with the rest of his family and Jimmy Fallon, the 18-year-old said on the Tonight Show Tuesday.

"I'm all for it," Jaden said, responding to an idea for a Fallon-Smith road trip, which was first hatched when Jaden's dad, Will Smith, appeared on the show the week before. He had come on the show to promote his new movie Suicide Squad, in which he plays Deadshot, and discussed family vacations.​ Jaden has now redirected the initial plan to include a trip to restricted government zone Area 51 to "try to see some UFOs."

Will told a story about how his son had tricked the family into going to London for a vacation on his 18th birthday so he could drink there (the drinking age is 18 in the UK). Discussing childhood trips, Will said his dad once took him and his family across the country in a camper. Fallon proceeded to replicate the idea, planning a cross-country RV trip where the two families, including his wife and two kids, and Will, his wife Jada Pinkett Smith, and their three kids Jaden and Willow, and Trey would start in New York and end up at Mount Rushmore.

"We've got to see some prairie dogs," Will said, before Fallon joked they should fly to Mount Rushmore while their wives finish the trip driving. 

That plan might be more wholesome and traditional, but Jaden's idea to spend time seeking out aliens definitely sounds preferable.