There's a lot going on these days. So much so, in fact, that it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer preposterousness of 2016 America and choose instead to simply take an extended sabbatical. Even our venerable titans of late-night TV are having trouble taking it all in, Samantha Bee included. However, on Monday's reliably stacked Full Frontal, the former Daily Show correspondent called on an old friend to help the nation make sense of it all.

Jon Stewart, fresh off announcing that he would rather vote for Mr. T than noted "man-baby" Donald Trump, stopped by Bee's TBS offices to gift her team with some politically charged advice. "This is your world," Bee told the former Daily Show host. "I could really use some advice." After Stewart revealed he was "happy" to be back in the game, the topic of discussion drastically shifted to something near and dear to Stewart's post-Daily Show heart: the wellbeing of animals.

"I'm pretty sure I heard that you gave up show business to go and professionally massage livestock," Bee incorrectly noted. As Stewart attempted to clarify that no such massaging would take place, Bee left what would appear to be a miniature white horse alone with Stewart. "Let me ask you a question," a concerned Stewart told the horse. "You're white. Are you voting for Trump?"

After saving that tiny horse's life, Bee then tackled the highs and lows (so many lows) of the 2016 primary season. California's very crucial primary is Tuesday, the outcome of which will surely shape the rest of the presidential race to come.