Former host of The Daily Show Jon Stewart has been missed since he left his post, but that doesn't mean he's stopped being the greatest of all time. He crashed Steven Colbert's The Late Show and made a guest appearance on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, who replaced him when he left the show. Stewart also announced last year that he and his wife would open a sanctuary for abused animals, and it looks like he's keeping his word: Stewart and his wife adopted an escaped bull so it wouldn't be slaughtered.

According to Death and Taxes, a bull on its way to a slaughterhouse managed to escape and prance around Queens on Friday morning. The bull found its way to an open field at York College where its innocent grazing caused quite a ruckus among bystanders.

Cows running around at york college

A video posted by The PoPe (@pope120) on Apr 1, 2016 at 7:30am PDT

The bull was eventually tranquilized and taken to the nearby Animal Care Center in Brooklyn, which is when Stewart and his wife Tracey—our favorite animal rights activist couple—stepped in to save the animal from its cruel and imminent fate. The two negotiated the release of the bull, formally adopted it, and named him Frank Lee, after the infamous Alcatraz escapee Frank Lee Morris. Here's a video of Stewart lovingly feeding hay to Frank Lee.

At the beginning of the day, the bull was destined to be made into hamburger meat, and by the end, he was whisked away by one of the greatest people to live happily on a farm. A good day for Frank Lee all in all.