A 48 year-old woman has stormed into her local Harvey Norman armed with a knife, demanding the store refund her $15,000.

In the footage above, the woman is seen in a stand-off with the store manager, who is left to defend himself with a chair while he pleads with the irate customer to put the knife down. 

“No I paid for this, 15 grand I’m not going to fucking get back. I paid for this!” She screams, before asking “how much is this worth?” and reaching to stab a piece of furniture. 

The furniture escaped without serious stab wounds, as did the store manager, who was filmed by a co-worker.

“My main concern obviously was to make sure the customers had cleared the area, there were some people in here with children, and that the staff member in the office was safe,” manager Matt Cooper told Seven News.

The customer had apparently paid $15,000 for carpet previously, but was unsatisfied when the job was not finished to her liking, and claims tools were stolen from her property.

The twist here though? After running up in a retail outlet with a knife and threatening both people and inanimate objects, the woman was released from police custody without charge.