Welcome back to Complex Pop's live blog of Game of Thrones, where our editors weigh in on the show's mayhem, murder, and shady old witches. Last week's Season 6 premiere more than delivered on fan anticipation a year in the making. As our own managing editor Andrew Gruttadaro wrote of "The Red Woman," we finally saw its female protagonists afforded the opportunity to prove themselves as the show's most interesting players in the game—and we haven't even begun to unpack Melisandre's newly revealed identity as a decrepit old sorceress who's like a million years old, or how the heck Arya Stark's going to manage her loss of vision without some kind of Hail Mary.

As we left it, the Red Witch's necklace holds some supremely lit magic of immeasurable power, Sansa has finally linked with Brienne of Tarth and managed to escape her sadist husband with Theon, and Jon Snow is still dead AF—or so we're led to believe. After leaving her dragons (?!) and getting herself captured, Daenerys Targaryen has met another khal named Moro who pledges to keep her safely out of harm's way by shipping her off to a haven for windowed khaleesis. Cersei has reached her tipping point after Jaime returns to the Red Keep with news of their daughter's death, a conversation during which Jaime shrugs off fate in favor of keeping Cersei in one piece ("Fuck prophesy, fuck fate, fuck everyone who isn't us," he says). And as for Bran? The now-adult Stark sibling will return to tonight's episode with a fully honed arsenal of magic imparted by the Three-Eyed Raven. 

​Join us below for a live blog of what will surely be another hour-long reel of boobs, war, and dragons galore.