Nearly 20 years after swimming into the hearts of teenaged girls everywhere as Jack Dawson in Titanic, Hollywood never let go of its love for Leonardo DiCaprio. Sure it took him five nominations over 22 years before he finally took home that coveted Oscar (and watched the trophy get engraved with his name on it), but he has managed to break the child actor curse with a steady film career. While that’s definitely something to be proud of, there’s another thing that the actor, who would do virtually anything for his craft, is beaming abouthis face.

Fresh from giving a speech on climate change at the UN General Assembly in New York, the vape enthusiast blessed this world with a selfie in support of the UN’s agreement in Paris back in December to help reduce its effects on the world, Time reports.  Let the swooning commence now:    


.@LeoDiCaprio takes his UN Messenger of Peace duties seriously! Thanks for the #ParisAgreement support!

— United Nations (@UN) April 22, 2016

Leo taking a selfie and being impressed with it just improved my life span by 50 years

— natalie. (@loundonlovers) April 25, 2016


Like the rest of us, the 41-year-old checked the snap for approval. Unlike the rest of us, he seemed thrilled with the shot from what we assume was the first and only take. A lucky individual was on hand to capture this poetry in motion but, sadly, no video exists. You’ll have to settle for Rob Kardashian’s Instagram documentary on millennial narcissism instead. Apologies.