Kevin Spacey is taking a break from running the White House to bring you the story of one of the most infamous men in America. While TV wife Robin Wright jets off to the Bladerunner sequel in a mysterious role, Spacey is executive producing a series based on Ted Kaczynski—who you might know as the Unabomber.

Discovery Channel just greenlit the scripted crime drama Manifesto, Variety reports. The series will chronicle how the FBI took down the anarchist who went on a homemade bombing spree over the course of nearly two decades.  Don’t expect to see Kaczynski in a sympathetic light, however. Unlike American Crime Story, the show will focus on FBI agent Jim "Fitz" Fitzgerald, who caught the criminal mastermind, and will essentially be from his point of view.

Fitzgerald changed the profiling game with a new approach which focused on linguistics to crack the case. By understanding the language, he was able to figure who the Unabomber really was. Kaczynski is currently serving eight life sentences in a supermax security prison in Colorado without the possibility of parole. His face remains a familiar part of American history thanks to a police sketch depicting him with a hoodie and sunglasses.