If you really need to kick off the weekend by seeing a cat slide down a stripper pole, Key and Peele have you covered with the updated trailer for their upcoming movie, Keanu


The new trailer, which popped up on Warner Bros. official YouTube channel today, features a shot-for-shot remake of the first Keanu trailer, except instead of one adorable cat wearing a du-rag, every part in the movie is played by cats, both real-life animals and stuffed ones. That means gangster cats cruising by menacingly in their cars, cats shooting their way out of tense situations and cats exploding. 

Also, all the cursing has been replaced with cat meows for some hilarious reason. The real Keanu, starring Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele, along with Nia Long, Luis Guzman, Will Forte, and Method Man is set to hit theaters on April 29. It's basically John Wick with a cat, and it's also really, really good. You can check out the original trailer starring humans below.