Unlike the presumed fun and games of lesser squads, joining the ranks of the Taylor Swift brigade apparently involves a fair amount of stress. Julia Roberts, an official member of Swift's makeshift army since 2015, broke down just how difficult her initiation process was to Ellen DeGeneres earlier this week.

"I've never seen this," Roberts claimed when confronted with footage of her big moment. "I don't think that should actually be viewed." Roberts, who was formally invited to join the squad in question back in August during a 1989 tour stop in Santa Clara, told DeGeneres the invitation was actually quite sudden. "I will say this," Roberts added. "When [Swift] very sweetly asked if I would go on stage, my oldest son said ‘Mommy! You have to do it!’ and my youngest son said, ‘Mommy, only do it if you feel comfortable.'"

In fact, Swift's inquiry apparently came just minutes before showtime. "I didn't dress for 50,000 people," Roberts laughed, adding that at least she "smelled nice." DeGeneres, however, clearly dressed to impress during her own squad initiation:

As for the whole fam's versatile music tastes, Roberts says Swift still reigns supreme. "My oldest son likes rap music," Roberts told DeGeneres. "They all love Taylor Swift. She is just number one in our house." Roberts will next be seen in the Taylor Swiftless Money Monster, a Wall Street thriller co-starring George Clooney and directed by Jodie Foster. The presumably Swift-approved joint hits theaters May 13.