When Marvel's Netflix Defenders tapped Daredevil showrunners to helm the upcoming project, it basically confirmed that a second season of Jessica Jones was pretty far off in the distance. However, a new development in The Defenders casting sees more of the Jessica Jones cast returning for the epic superhero team-up. Eka Darville, who played the role of Jessica's neighbor Malcolmclaims he will be in The Defenders as Malcolm.

According to Screen Crush, Darville allegedly confirmed the reprise of Malcolm during a panel discussion at the Supanova Pop Culture Expo in Melbourne, stating, "Yes. I will be in it. I’m not sure how much yet but I will be in it."

The Defenders is set to start shooting later this year, with a potential debut in 2017 after the premiere of Netflix's Iron Fist. As far as Jessica Jones goes, Darville's Malcolm joined Alias Investigations at the end of Season 1, so it's likely he'll reprise his role in Season 2, although no details about that have been disclosed yet. 

For all you comic book people out there, it's time to start thinking about the kind of role Darville will play in The Defenders, which sees superheroes Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Daredevil, and Iron Fist teaming up in New York City.