For those assuming a surely Oscar-worthy indie dramedy co-starring Kristen Wiig and John Goodman is certainly inevitable, one half of that would-be duo has confirmed otherwise. Goodman, a legend in all circles, recently spoke to Howard Stern in great detail about his storied Hollywood history and the celebrity-to-celebrity encounters it so frequently inspires. Sadly, for both Goodman and moviegoers around the world, one fateful run-in with Wiig likely ruined any chances of collaboration.

"I interrupted a conversation," Goodman explained, detailing his failed introduction to Wiig. According to Goodman, he ran into the Ghostbusters star at a party and was so stoked to speak with her that he simply barged into the convo. "She was like , 'Yeah, I’ll talk to you in a minute,'" Goodman recalled, adding that he probably would have been pretty annoyed at someone doing the same to him. "I shrunk down to atom size," he said. "I really like her. It was embarrassing. So I'll never speak to her again." Bummer indeed, John Goodman.

Thankfully, both industry icons have plenty of top-shelf projects on the horizon. John Goodman has been getting extra creepy in the first batch of teasers and trailers ahead of the release of 10 Cloverfield Lane, the sort-of sequel to J.J. Abrams' 2008 found footage hit Cloverfield. "The idea came up a long time ago during production," Abrams told Collider after unveiling the project last month. "We wanted to make it a blood relative of Cloverfield."

Kristen Wiig will next grace the biggest possible screens with Ghostbusters, Paul Feig's take on the beloved franchise with an all-new cast. Wiig joins Leslie JonesKate McKinnon, and Melissa McCarthy for the 2016 edition of comedy colliding joyfully with the supernatural. Franchise veteran Bill Murray, who coincidentally belongs in the same national treasures category as Goodman and Wiig, is set to make some sort of cameo.

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