The fourth season of Inside Amy Schumer is just a little over a month away, meaning now is the time for teasers and trailers and interviews culled from annoying questions Schumer shouldn't be bothered with answering. Thankfully, Amy Schumer takes none of this lightly and—instead of giving everyone the usual frustratingly pointless teaser clip—she has instead provided a thorough update on her current medical records.

"The test came back positive," an unnamed doctor (?) tells Schumer in the clip, released by Comedy Central on Thursday. "I’m sorry to tell you this but you’ve been overexposed." This decidedly calm medical professional then advises Schumer to avoid exposure-increasing activities such as podcasts, Instagram, and basic cable TV shows. Of course, Schumer has no plans on following this semi-medical advice: "I've gotta follow my heart and keep exposing myself."

The return of Inside Amy Schumer is indeed good news for people who love good great TV. Last season, Schumer delivered her magnum opus with the star-stacked special episode "12 Angry Men Inside Amy Schumer." In that very special edition of Inside, Schumer gathered a host of stars—including Paul Giamatti and Jeff Goldblum—to parody the classic 12 Angry Men with some remarkable results. Tasked with deciding if Amy Schumer is "hot enough for television," an enlightening dildo-based argument erupts in glorious black-and-white:

Inside Amy Schumer, hopefully including much more where that came from, returns to Comedy Central on April 21.