Harrison Ford kept things compellingly vague on Monday's Jimmy Kimmel Live when asked about the future of Han Solo, downright refusing to give a solid answer on his possible participation in the forthcoming Star Wars: Episode VIII and beyond. For anyone who somehow hasn't seen The Force Awakens yet, we must say this: What’s your deal? Also, what happens below this paragraph just might qualify as a spoiler.

"You work for like 25 years for this company," Ford joked to Kimmel regarding Solo's tear-inducing departure in The Force Awakens at the hands of his own kin. "You do your best. You show up every day, do your job, and then they just let you go." All jokes aside, Ford's vibe then shifted firmly into mysterious territory with Kimmel's next line of questioning. "In this case," Kimmel said, "they actually killed you."

Feigning shock, Ford smirked before revealing that was exactly what he wanted: "I argued for 30 years for this to happen." However, when asked by Kimmel to give a solid answer about the possibility of a Solo appearance in any of the forthcoming Star Wars sequels (origin story spin-off aside), Ford is noticeably short on words. "I have no idea what to make of your answer," Kimmel told Ford, voicing everyone's frustrations.

Will we see a ghost version of Han Solo? Is dude even actually dead? Is Harrison just trolling? Episode VIII, perhaps providing a more definitive answer to these inquiries, hits theaters on Dec. 15 of next year.