When Hitman: Codename 47 came out towards the end of millennium from IO-Interactive and (the now defunct) Edios, no one really expected it to be a huge hit. In fact if you look back at the Metactric review scores, a 73/100 doesn’t really scream iconic franchise, does it? But it did get a sequel – several actually – and we’re all the better for it, because with every release the Hitman series got that much grander in scope. Each time we kept coming back to a new installment we found more enthralling improvements and innovations. Now with the latest entry coming out tomorrowMarch 11 – simply titled Hitman, IO-Interactive and Square Enix have unleashed possibly the most ambitious game in the series so far.

With a fully realised, open world experience for players to immerse themselves in, each gamer will have their own unique experience - as the series has progressed throughout the years, each mission (or target) could be performed exactly how you, the player, would like it to be done – something that the latest Metal Gear Solid game caught onto and adapted for the latest game in their series.

We got an early hands-on-preview of the game, which quite frankly is one of the perks of this job, and we’re confident in telling you that Hitman is perhaps the magnum opus in this storied franchise. Also, this game is no walk in the park, and like any stealth game it requires a mixture of planning, bravado and a little bit of luck. So with that in mind here are five things we learned playing Hitman​.