Eli Roth, horror creep and Internet-fucker, has a new movie coming out, following last year's Keanu Reeves-starring erotic thriller Knock Knockwhich was both a steaming pile of garbage and one hell of a fun time at the movies. For his upcoming project, the Cabin Fever director has gone back to his pure horror roots with a movie about something people are unanimously terrified of: clowns. 

This is like It except worse in every way. Clown follows a father who dresses up as a clown for his son's birthday but becomes cursed by his costume. Unable to take off his make-up, he rips his clown nose off in a hella gruesome way and then goes around killing people—a truly terrifying watch for you and the whole family. 

Roth is one of those extreme filmmakers who feel like they might be trolling you, so it should be no surprise that the idea of Clown was birthed from a joke. He saw a fan-made trailer for a fake movie and decided to make it a reality. Roth produced and starred in the film, and Cop Car's Jon Watts directed it. Deadline reports that the Weinstein Co./Dimension flick will hit theaters June 17 with a limited release. Watch the terrifying trailer above.