When we first heard about Ubisoft's open world, multiplayer shooter Tom Clancy's The Division in 2013, we also learned that gamers looking to play on PC would need to sign a petition to make that happen. The game was still rumored to be years away at the beginning of 2014, but we finally got a gameplay trailer later that year. The rumors ended up being not far off though: It didn't officially come out until March of this year. The good news is that now there's a video from Gameranx that takes curious gamers through the top 10 secrets and Easter eggs of The Division

The video starts out at Madison Square Garden. Apparently if you zoom in on the missing and wanted posters outside the venue, you'll discover the words "wuba luba dub dub," an unmistakable Rick and Morty reference. If you zoom in on one of the other posters, you'll see The Joker's famous phrase "Why so serious?" Also right outside the entrance to the firewall safe house, you can pick up two Katana swords, which is a reference to Leonardo the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

Some of the other secrets of the game include a Breaking Bad reference in the game's digital echoes, fully-rendered Adventure Time wall art, and a reference to I Am Legend outside of Grand Central Station. Watch the video above to catch the rest of the hidden gems that you won't want to miss in The Division.