After releasing this impressive gameplay video at E3 last week for Tom Clancy's The Division, Ubisoft later announced that it would be available for Xbox One and PS4 but gamers looking to play on PC would need to sign a petition of interest for the possibility of a game port.

When Ubisoft released Far Cry 3 on the PC last December, they claimed successful results and have declared in the past that the PC gaming was its lead development platform. MMO's (Massive Multiplayer Online) like The Division have traditionally been released on PC so the whole question of gamer interest is a bit puzzling. 

Could Ubisoft really be steering away from PC versions of video games or is it just a clever way to get more gamers to watch this video? Either way, it's got our attention. Check out the trailer above to see more on The Division.

[Via DsoGaming]

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