By now it's pretty clear that, in his speeches at least, Donald Trump isn't the most tolerant of people. He's called Mexican immigrants drug-runners and "rapists," hinted it might be nice if all Muslims were banned from the United States, and had to get a little "more information" before he condemned the Ku Klux Klan (which, despite what some might think, is definitely a racist hate group.) What's more, people actually agree with his ideas.

Some watching The Donald's rise to prominence might wonder where he gets his rhetoric. Bill Maher certainly did, and on last night's episode of Real Time with Bill Maher, he helpfully connected the dots between Trump's oratory style and speeches from another infamous intolerant dictator: Adolf Hitler. It turns out Hitler's speech (which, okay, wasn't really translated, but you get the idea) is made up entirely of Trump-ian phrases such as, "Germany just doesn't win anymore," "The Treaty of Versailles? A terrible deal!" "President Hindenburg? He's a stiff. Very low energy," and "Nobody loves the Jews more than I do."

Maher's helpful (and totally historically accurate) comparison is just one more piece of evidence that an extremist dictator is about to become the Republican presidential nominee. In a few decades we'll all be asking ourselves: Would we have killed baby Trump?