After Beyoncé dropped "Formation" last week the internet (rightfully) went nuts. The song, while great on its own, is also a celebration of blackness and black culture, and is one of the singer's more political tracks. Realizing this, the writers at Saturday Night Live decided to make an apocalyptic video that looks at the white world's reaction to the release of the song. 

It begins with Aidy Bryant suddenly seeing that Beyoncé is black after the release of her new song. The video then gives us a look at the rest of the white world, who are in shock over this "realization." Cecily Strong, who plays an office employee even comments, "Guys I don't understand this new song." Then Bobby Moynihan, sporting a goofy wig, realizes a scary thought. "Maybe this song isn't for us," he shouts. Strong panics and then screams, "But usually everything is!" 

The video for "Formation" features the singer making references to her heritage—her affinity for hot sauce and Red Lobster—and, at one point, she even calls herself a "black Bill Gates in the making." With all its specific allusions and its overall tone of empowerment, it's a tune that's intentionally not for white people.

Other than Kanye West's musical appearance, last night's Saturday Night Live was pretty weak, and it's almost too fitting that the two most successful bits of the evening surrounded the rapper and Beyoncé.